40: Long

March is over!! While plenty of good things happened, the last two weeks have just been so long. My work computer system went down two weeks ago, and while we still had access, things were slow which made the work days very long.

This photo is actually from a few weeks ago, and part of the sunset view from our sliding glass door. I’ve gotten quotes for a concrete patio and a privacy fence, and I’m hoping by June or so we will be able to show off the backyard a little. We have no control over when our sod is finally delivered, so in the meantime we just have a lovely dirt backyard.

I have plenty on the calendar in April and May, and then it will be summer, so I’m already a little overwhelmed with how to get the right mix of all the things I want to do, and people I want to see.

Are you ready for April? Do you have any fun things coming up before the craziness of summer?


  1. It will be great once you get sod and get your yard all set up! It’s good that you don’t have kids or a dog right now as that mud would be messy if you did! Kids are drawn to mud like a moth to a flame!!

    I am ready for April, mostly because it means we are one month closer to better weather. I’m totally over the snow and cold. Bring on warmer temps! It’s way easier to entertain my kids when we can be outside more! I don’t have all that much going on in April but I do have my first business trip which falls over a weekend as I have to present at a foundation’s board meeting on a Saturday morning and we need to attend an event on Friday night. I do not love work travel since having kids! But it’s an important meeting so I don’t mind going. I will just be glad when it’s behind me!

    1. I have a work trip in May where I have to travel on Sunday evening. I am not a fan of weekend work travel! Hopefully your presentation goes well, and at least it isn’t a full week trip.

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