39: Home

We are officially 1 year since Jeff put money down on this house, and we are almost 5 months into living here. How the heck that happened, I’m not so sure.

I arranged for gutters to be added in January, and we will have a concrete patio put in sometime in May. Next on the list is getting the privacy fence figured out, and then deciding if we want to buy a Solo stove, or if a regular bonfire ring is the better choice for us.

I haven’t closed on the condo yet, but once the cash is in hand hopefully I can share a bit of how that process went.

Fairly frequently I think about all the houses Jeff and I looked at last spring. There is one that was the house that got away, but I know a few things weren’t actually perfect about it. And maybe once we decided on a new build we should have branched out and looked at more than 2 options within the new build category, but it seems to have all worked out so far.

As with anything selling the condo hasn’t been a perfect process, and then new house hasn’t been a perfect process. But for better or worse, we have a new place that is home.

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  1. Buying and selling homes is such a process! We looked for over 2 years before buying this house. I love it for the most part, Phil does not love that it’s on a hill/corner lot. But we were buying in a very small area with old homes so couldn’t get everything on our list. And I love our block so overall I am very pleased! I hope we are here for many years but we will see. I hope the rest of the condo selling process goes smoothly. The sale of my condo and Phil’s house went super smoothly. I sold my condo right around when Paul was born so did not have the bandwidth to deal with issues so I am glad that went so well!

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