41: Handle

“The Lord only gives you what you can handle.” Everyone has heard this at some point, and I think quite a few people would disagree. The other week I was roasting some eggplant and garlic for a recipe. The garlic didn’t roast inside the eggplant like the recipe said it would. So I decided to roast the garlic a little longer on its own….mistake.

The pyrex exploded. I’ve heard of this happening to others, and now I get to say I have experienced it. I turned the oven off, opened the door so things could cool down, and slowly starting cleaning up the mess.

I wasn’t thrilled with the additional cleaning time in my recipe. But I was glad that there was no animal or kiddo around to get into the mess. Just me. Similarly, I am slowly going through the condo selling process. There’s been an accepted offer, an inspection, and we will see what happens next. I’ll share more about that process once it is all complete. I would love if it happened in the next month, but if not I will just go with the flow.

And all the frustrations I have are nothing compared to the frustrations that others are experiencing. So when I was facing cleaning up the mess, I just did it. When I have condo issues arise, I deal with them. And whatever else is thrown at me, I just chip away at it and do my best.

How do you handle things?

Has a pyrex ever exploded on you? I don’t wish it on my worst enemy.


  1. OMG, I did not know that such a thing could happen!! That must have been so freaking loud!! What a huge mess. Were you roasting at a high temp?? I use 9×13 pyrex to make enchiladas all the time, but they bake at 350 so hopefully something like this would never occur? What a huge mess!!

    I handle things so so. I think it really depends on how much sleep I”m getting/my general state of life. When I’m tired, I don’t handle things as well! And lately, I feel like I’m always tired!

    1. I think the issue was that I didn’t have enough in the pan, just the garlic because the eggplant was roasted enough but the garlic hadn’t roasted. I should have put it on a baking sheet. I didn’t even hear it because I had left the room for a minute. I had the oven at 400, so you probably won’t have the issue. Sleep is also huge for me, if I’m not getting my rest, I am not operating at my best.

  2. Oh, my goodness! I *literally* thought of this today when I put a pyrex (full) in the oven (375) and worried that it had somehow gotten wet on the bottom (I had read that was a risk factor for exploding pyrex??) I’m so sorry this happened but so glad that you were not hurt, nor did you have a kid or pet that could have been. The other thing NEVER to do is to put a pyrex on the stovetop when it is hot. A friend did that and it exploded… all over the kitchen (i.e. not contained in the oven). Passing along that tidbit just in case, as you do NOT want that to happen!

    1. Oh yeah… some of our stovetop pans have glass covers and I get after Jeff about not putting them on the stovetop. He always thinks I am overreacting. So I kind of want it to happen to him (safely) just so he realizes I’m not just micromanaging the kitchen.

  3. I have NEVER heard of a Pyrex exploding like that, let alone SEEN it. How terrible. We put a Pyrex in the oven probably once or twice a week – I wonder if there’s like a knock-off version that isn’t as good? I’m glad no one was hurt.

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