24: Movie

Pre-pandemic I think my last movie in theaters was Ford vs Ferrari, and it was a wonderful movie. Prior that … More

25: Social

I think I forgot how to socialize. I went to my first brewery post-covid on accident this week. On accident … More

26: Dinner

I love going out to dinner, or “supper” as Johnny calls it. I am happy to cook during the week, … More

27: Celebrate

I spent last weekend at a bachelorette party while Jeff moved out of the townhouse and into my condo. And … More

28: Alone Time

I’m in denial that June is basically over and that next weekend is the 4th of July. I got a … More

29: Coffee

I can do all things through Coffee which strengthens me. Yes…that really is how I feel. Obviously I can also … More

30: Birthday

Not my birthday, but Kent and Johnny’s (my dad and brother). Their birthdays are 5 days apart so some years … More

31: One Way

I took my first one-way plane ride this week. On Monday morning I flew from Chicago to Minneapolis, and…it was … More

32: Cool

I am both proud and feeling guilty that my post is scheduled and ready to go. I’m writing this Saturday … More

33: Moving

I’ve mentioned it before, but Jeff has to move at the end of June. So he will be moving into … More