Happy Belated Birthday to me! I have had mixed emotions about my birthday over the years, but this year I … More

37: Rest

I’m not sure if I am great at resting. Given that I work from home, alone, every day means that … More

38: Unknown

If 2020 taught us anything, it taught us that most of life is outside of our control. There are so … More

39: Shots

I’m the proud owner of 1 dose of moderna! I will get my 2nd shot on Cinco de Mayo and … More

40: Compare

Happy Easter! This time last year I spent Easter Weekend in Aitkin by myself. I wasn’t comfortable going to my … More

41: Quick

Spring is here and the days while longer are going fast. Mid-week I went up to Aitkin for a night, … More

42: Deal Breaker

The house search continues! While it is Jeff’s search, I get to go along for the ride a bit. He … More

43: Collage

I’ve mentioned this in years past, but I love a good collage / vision board. At my parents house my … More

44: Rolling

When I moved from Duluth back to Aitkin I wanted to keep up the running habits I had acquired thanks … More

45: Up

This weather is giving me life! I haven’t actually taken the time to sit down and blog, but oh well. … More