51: Clean

Thank you to winter cold that won’t quit for not only making me a day late to type this post, … More

2: Walking

I’m just now realizing that today is the first Sunday of 2020, so last week should have been zero? Who … More

2019 Recap

The year is done and a lot of changes came! I don’t know what 2020 will bring, but I am … More

1: Outside

As 2019 closes I find myself going on semi-regular outdoor walks again. The weather this December has been all over … More

Decade Recap

What will 2030 bring me? I have no idea. My blog friend Lisa posted a decade recap, and I’ve been … More

2: Light

What a week! I had Friday off (which is today, and this is scheduled for my usual Sunday post). Monday … More

3: Prepare

If you follow my facebook page you saw that I posted this picture there on Sunday morning. It has been … More

4: Vacation

In the old blogging days I would have had multiple posts about my week in Florida. There would have been … More

5: Thankful

Last weekend I went up to Duluth on Saturday, and got to revisit some old favorites, and try some new … More

6: Goals

Happy Sunday friends! Instead of waiting for free time this weekend, I’m typing up my post a couple days early. … More