Racing Memories

Well this is a weird spot to jump back in on! I have a few posts that are drafted, but … More

24: Break

It turns out I used this word back on Week 28, but oh well. I’m actually on time this week … More

25: Bubbles

Another late post, but not as late as last week! This time I was busy hanging out with Johnny. I … More

26: Boat

Well this is a belated post…Last weekend I was in Okoboji, Iowa with a couple friends. And since I started … More

27: Bright

The Fourth of July weekend came and went. I didn’t pre-write a post, and even now I’m struggling to put … More

28: Break

Hello from the perfect weather weekend. It is warm enough to be outside, but not so warm that you are … More

29: Run

10 years ago I ran my first half marathon, and I now haven’t done a half since… 2019, 2018, something … More

30: Home

We finally have sod, and in a couple weeks we will have a patio, and then we will finally get … More

31: Chicago

While our wedding is still more than 200 days away, I had my bachelorette party last weekend. I deviated from … More

32: Summer

Memorial Sunday means summer is here! Last weekend Jeff and I went up to Aitkin, got his boat out of … More