49: Skate

Snow! As I type this Saturday afternoon the snow is starting to fall, and we will see if the twin … More

50: Slow

On Saturday afternoon I knew I hadn’t written a blog post for Sunday morning. I thought maybe I’d get to … More

51: Get Out

I am loving the frost this year! I’m sure it is due to global warming, but it sure is pretty! … More

52: Blue Skies

Hello New Year! In an effort for transparency, I am typing this before New Years, because I am rarely on … More

2020 Recap

1. What makes this year unforgettable? Oh 2020. I started working from home on Monday, March 16. I took Friday, … More

1: Match

As 2020 closes and we start preparing for a new year, I would usually be prepping resolutions and goals. But … More

2: Christmas

Technically I have to work tomorrow and Tuesday, so I’m not quite in the complete holiday spirit yet.. But it … More

3: Free

Hello from my Friday half day. I am doing a hopefully final post office trip, a long walk, and some … More

4: Walk

I have probably a dozen different trails/areas that I like to walk. I love that my condo’s sidewalk is attached … More

5: Ranch

Jeff and I have been going to Montana every night. He turned on Yellowstone on a whim one night, and … More