32: Cooking

I have yet to bake during quarantine, and considering Minnesota is technically no longer on Shelter in Place, I guess … More

33: Summer

Minnesota Summer starts this weekend! Naturally its supposed to rain so I don’t know that I’ll be boating, but oh … More

34: Cake

I promise I’m not still celebrating my birthday. While I had a wonderful time and am so thankful for my … More

35: Entering 32.

I’m writing this post on Wednesday, which is significantly earlier than usual. But tomorrow is my birthday, and I’m hoping … More

36: Weekend

Quarantine weekends are pretty different compared to pre-quarantine weekends. I don’t have a workout class to go to. There’s little … More

37: Walking

I’ve completed 5 weeks of working from home. The manic “must walk twice per day” has subsided, and I’ve settled … More

38: Easter

Happy Easter! And enjoy the throwback of Easter celebrations past. This year instead of spending the day at my grandparents … More

39: Continuing

And…we’re here, and it sounds like we will be here for a while. My work day schedule continues. And I’m … More

40: Rollerblade

They see me rollin….. slowly, carefully, especially when attempting to navigate the bumps they put at accessibility part of a … More

41: Schedule

What is this world? Do we even know? At this point on Sunday morning we haven’t gotten a shelter in … More