6: Progress

Our kitchen stools have arrived! I first saw these stools at one of Jeff’s friends house and knew I wanted … More

7: Moving

Jeff officially is a home owner again! He closed on the house on Thursday. We unpacked the things I had … More

8: Divided

I’m on time! It is rare and getting rarer as the days go on. On November 11, I celebrated 10 … More

9: Sand

Surprise! I went to Florida for a long weekend last weekend. Flying during Thanksgiving is expensive and kind of crazy, … More

10: Progress

Over on my Instagram story yesterday I shared a peek at Jeff’s new kitchen. And I am very excited to … More

11: Recover

Sunday morning I walked with college friends down to Minnehaha Falls. I haven’t been there in the fall in a … More

12: Together

I got lots of good together time with Johnny this past week. Jeff and I didn’t get a perfect fall … More

13: Peak

Oops, a little late this week. This past weekend we were over in the Milwaukee area visiting Jeff’s family….yes some … More

14: Success

I made it to Canada, we made it home from Canada, Jeff has a closing date on his house, and … More

15: Travel

No, I’m not in Key West again. Although I would do another weekend trip there someday. I’m pre-typing this post … More