39: Continuing

And…we’re here, and it sounds like we will be here for a while. My work day schedule continues. And I’m … More

40: Rollerblade

They see me rollin….. slowly, carefully, especially when attempting to navigate the bumps they put at accessibility part of a … More

41: Schedule

What is this world? Do we even know? At this point on Sunday morning we haven’t gotten a shelter in … More

42: Vines

I guess in 2020 I really have given up on the posting on Sundays. This past weekend, as everything slowly … More

43: Throw Back

Happy Spring Ahead, I wish coffee tasted good. It used to, when I ate this pancake two weekends ago coffee … More

44: Home

Hello, Happy Sunday, I’m typing this Saturday night extremely relaxed. Wednesday night I went to Ashe Wednesday service at a … More

45: Strikes

Hello from my Friday work from home lunch break. There was a brief moment on Sunday night where I thought … More

46: Open

….It is Thursday night, my goal is to post on Sunday mornings. I haven’t been particulary busy, but I think … More

47: Sunrise

Yes last week’s post was Sunshine and now this week is Sunrise, but whatever, in the winter I take all … More

48: Sunshine

Something magical happened this weekend, the sun came out!! It has been so darn cloudy every day that it felt … More