26: Drive

Last weekend was a much needed patio date night. I wanted to go to Birches on Long Lake, but could … More

27: Bloom

I made my monthly trip to Trader Joes this week. I miss going whenever I want, but the stand in … More

28: Flow

Last weekend I was in Milwaukee again (despite saying at the beginning of our relationship that I would not be … More

29: Waterfalls

Summer is here! Even if it doesn’t technically start until this weekend. Last weekend I had a graduation celebration for … More

30: Continuing

It’s been a week, but it feels much longer than that. While it seems like maybe changes are being made … More

31: Peace

Hello Friends, one week ago George Floyd died and I don’t have the words to share much. A knee to … More

32: Cooking

I have yet to bake during quarantine, and considering Minnesota is technically no longer on Shelter in Place, I guess … More

33: Summer

Minnesota Summer starts this weekend! Naturally its supposed to rain so I don’t know that I’ll be boating, but oh … More

34: Cake

I promise I’m not still celebrating my birthday. While I had a wonderful time and am so thankful for my … More

35: Entering 32.

I’m writing this post on Wednesday, which is significantly earlier than usual. But tomorrow is my birthday, and I’m hoping … More