21: Out of Office

Friday afternoon I set my out of office for my work email, AND deleted work email off my phone. So … More

22: Relax

Happy Weekend friends! After a rough week I’m finally starting to feel a bit better. Friday night I had 2 … More

23: Mask

I am now the proud owner of a “not detected” covid test. Last weekend I visited a cabin with friends, … More

24: Closed

It’s a weird summer. The weather is hot, but the pools are closed. Growing up I preferred lakes, but would … More

25: Turn

Tomorrow marks 1 year since I met Jeff. We went out to eat Saturday night to celebrate, and on Monday … More

26: Drive

Last weekend was a much needed patio date night. I wanted to go to Birches on Long Lake, but could … More

27: Bloom

I made my monthly trip to Trader Joes this week. I miss going whenever I want, but the stand in … More

28: Flow

Last weekend I was in Milwaukee again (despite saying at the beginning of our relationship that I would not be … More

29: Waterfalls

Summer is here! Even if it doesn’t technically start until this weekend. Last weekend I had a graduation celebration for … More

30: Continuing

It’s been a week, but it feels much longer than that. While it seems like maybe changes are being made … More