45: Split

I’m late to post, but last week was a strange blur. I had Monday off for Presidents Day, and worked Tuesday, and flew to Florida on Wednesday. Jeff and I always planned our trip together, but after we booked our flight my dad happened to book the same flight as well. We planned for him to stay with us Tuesday night, but given the snow that came he arrived on Monday afternoon.

And while I could write a post about that experience, especially as my dad got to experience both Jeff and I working from home on Tuesday. It all seems so far away once the invasion in the Ukraine started.

The news is on throughout the day at my parents house usually, but it felt more important to be watching last week, and don’t get me wrong, it is still important this week. Our week was split between focusing on the Ukraine, but also everything that we had scheduled while in Florida.

Usually my Florida time has no plans other than maybe a dinner out, and getting in a few walks. This time we had a friend of my dad’s visiting, and a set of Jeff’s parents visiting. Once they all left, we then had a photography session on Sanibel island, which I am impatiently waiting to see those photos.

This trip was unlike prior trips, but I’m starting to find a better rhythm in my visits. I’ve explored more places and gotten more comfortable with biking downtown. I labeled this week’s post split, as there was a split in focus with watching the news, and this sunset reminded me of the Ukrainian flag, and trip was split into focusing on our parents meeting versus our vacation time together.

Do you have vacation traditions? Or do you try to do new things each time you go somewhere?


  1. I can’t wait to see your engagement photos. What a pretty place to take them! Please share some on your blog as I’m off social media (if you don’t mind!).

    It has been a heavy week with the Ukraine situation. And our kids have both been sick so it’s just been a rough week overall.

    We went to the gulf coast of FL when paul was 1 and 2. Then last year we didn’t travel last year due to Covid and having a baby. This year we went to AZ to visit my sister which was fun! I think we will go back to FL next year though. There is nothing like being by the ocean!

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