46: Khaluna

My dinner club went to Khaluna this month, and yum! Provided you’re a moderately adventurous eater, it is delicious. It is not a cheap dining experience, but you could try less things than we did.

Dinner club is just myself and two other people, and we tend to like similar things. Therefore, we are up for sharing dishes when it makes sense. Khaluna is definitely a place where you want to share.

We ordered the basil wings, which I’ve had at Lat 14 and they are amazing. We also had the Sakoo which our server recommended and he was not wrong! The Sakoo was kind of like a dumpling, but chewier outside, and super flavorful inside. I could have eaten a dozen. We had the Rainbow Rice as a salad, I was familiar with it from visiting Singapore right before Chinese New Year, and it was delicious. I could order just these three things for a lunch to share with a friend.

For entrees we got the Pineapple Noodles and the Duck Fried Rice (which doesn’t appear to be on the online menu, but we had it and it was great). The Pineapple Noodles would be a great summer dish, but given that we were there in February, I wish we had tried the Bucatini Talay, or the Massman, but oh well.

We had a passionfruit panna cotta for dessert, and it was a great sweet treat to end the evening. If you haven’t gone on a tropical vacation for a while, you could 100% go out to dinner here and feel like you’ve found yourself in the middle of vacation without the hassle of going to the airport.

How often do you try new restaurants? Where have you gone out to eat lately that you loved?


  1. I would love to try Khaluna at some point, especially since it’s not far from me! I love that you have a supper club. My book club used to kind of be a supper club because we’d try new restaurants and people were up for sharing things. But we haven’t eaten in restaurants since the pandemic. I am hoping we can maybe return to going to restaurants in the near future. That was my best way to try new/trendier restaurants!

    1. This restaurant would be a good one to venture to as the seating isn’t overwhelming close table to table. I definitely wouldn’t have come here with Jeff because it wouldn’t be his thing. But I am hopeful that I’ll be able to bring my mom sometime this summer.

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