44: RCIA

When Jeff and I started dating it was the summer before covid happened (2019) my tinder profile mentioned that I went to church on Sundays, which was my grandparent’s Lutheran Church. However about 6 months into our relationship (still pre-covid) Jeff started mentioning that he wanted to go to Mass more often, so I suggested we attend the Saturday 5 pm Mass. Then covid happened and we would watch Mass virtually.

As our relationship continued I realized that if we had a future it would probably be best to look into becoming an actual Catholic. I knew not to take communion until I was a legit member, but I wasn’t a fan of sitting while everyone else went up, and only some of the communion attendants were good about giving a blessing. So I’d often have a wave of anxiety or irritation about not being Catholic, which really isn’t one of the emotions you are supposed to have regularly during Mass.

Last spring I saw an announcement that someone in the church had gone through the RCIA process and kept my eyes open for when the next RCIA group would start. Initially I was told “in the fall” then around October I was told “soon”. Finally at the end of November I had my first meeting, and by the new year we were rolling in our Thursday schedule. We meet from 6:30 – 8:30 each Thursday.

So come Easter weekend I will officially be a Catholic, and we will have a few more wrap up sessions. Until then I’ll be learning, reflecting, and trying to learn the rosary, and anything else a good Catholic should know.

I don’t have a question for you this week, but if you have any for me, just let me know!


  1. I was a sponsor for my SIL when she became Catholic back in 2011, I think? I went to classes with her every week, which were out in St. Michael as the church she went to in Maple Grove combined classes with St. Michael. It was a big time commitment but i learned a lot about my faith through the process. They had been married for 10 years at that point so it took awhile to get her to the point of fully converting. it will be really nice to go through this before getting married!

    1. It definitely is a time commitment, this church assigns a sponsor, which I have mixed feelings about. Everyone in the group is great, but there are catholics in my life I would have chosen and would have liked to go through the experience with. Oh well. And yes, I specifically wanted to do the process before our marriage. So I’ll be all up to date on sacraments this time next year!

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