49: Brrr

While this post is a day late, I did consider typing it last week, but I just didn’t have the energy. Last week I was fairly run down, not in a covid way, but just in a weary winter way. I don’t mind cold weather, but the spring and fall of 40ish degrees is so much nicer for being able to be outside for longer time periods. Also, I haven’t found multiple decent walking paths near Delano yet (I like variety and circle paths, not out-and-backs).

For now I continue to drive into “the cities” to visit my favorite paths. Theodore Wirth takes a little more navigation in the winter as some paths double as cross-country ski trails. The walking path I like in Edina is mostly clear right now, which means others are enjoying a run, but I am fine with just a good paced walk.

Part of Jeff’s family visited us this weekend and we did walk down to the river on the trail by our house, but it is a lot of tromping through the snow. It is a short walk, but difficult depending on if there are footprints for you to follow.

Hopefully come spring I will find a few more options closer to home that don’t require driving an hour round trip. But for now I just make sure that if I am driving to go for a walk I combine it with visiting a friend, or running errands.

Have you been able to get outside lately?


  1. “A weary winter way” is such an accurate description of this late-January feeling! Love that you are finding new walking paths, despite the snow!

  2. I am feeling this, too! I feel so cooped up with my kids since we don’t take them indoor as it’s not worth the risk of getting covid and having to quarantine. Paul isn’t great a wearing a mask and it’s out of the question for Will. I was glad the weather was more mild this weekend. We went sledding both days and I went on a long walk w/ Will on Saturday after his 2nd nap. But I am ready for nicer weather and just hope and pray we can go to AZ in mid-Feb as planned. But it feels like a 50/50 prognosis since covid levels are still quite high here and our boys aren’t vaccine eligible…

    I hope you can find some walking loops when the snow has melted and it’s easier to see what your options are!

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