48: Organization

While we are 99% settled in our house, that last one percent is a moving target. As I am starting to 100% empty the condo we had to find room for the outdoor furniture in the garage, which meant the black rack pictured below that I wanted to power wash outside this spring….needed to be wiped down inside this weekend so there could be more room in the garage.

I’m happy our laundry/utility room is a decent size. And while I wish it would have been a finished room, I understand with how things are laid out that it really wouldn’t make sense. So we just work with what we have.

I’m also in the midst of organizing all things wedding, plus condo selling, and then the usual stuff like taxes. My desk area is overrun with stuff, but I don’t want to file it all until I’m done using it.

In a few weeks we head to Florida, but instead of taking a full week off, we are going for a long weekend, which seemed like a good idea when we booked it. But now even our vacation has most days planned, which is a little overwhelming.

Do you consider yourself an organized person?


  1. I would consider myself an organized person in general but once we had kids, some of that organization fell by the wayside. But in general, I love organizing things and religiously use a planner so I think I’m above average in terms of organization. I’ve been focusing on home organization for the past month or so. We have a bunch of stuff that I need to take to Goodwill this week. I love a good purge and while we did some before moving, we’ve been here for 2 years and added a child during that time so we were ready to do another round.

    Our basement laundry room is finished. In our last house it was in the unfinished basement. I can’t say it makes any difference. But the laundry room is in the basement in this house so I don’t spend any time in there besides switching out loads of clothes. If it was on a main floor or upstairs, I may fold laundry in there, but it’s hard to say! So I think an unfinished laundry room won’t make a big deal for you guys either!

    Good luck with selling your condo! I hope that is an easy process – I’m thinking maybe you already have an offer since you are emptying the condo!

    1. I’m actually emptying because we had already removed everything useful (bed, couch, etc) to the make the house finished first. So I’ll be showing it empty and the relator will have digital renderings of it finished for the online listing. But I’m hopefully listing it in March, so if all goes well it could be closed and finished by June! (or earlier, I just like to set realistic goals).

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