9: Sand

Surprise! I went to Florida for a long weekend last weekend. Flying during Thanksgiving is expensive and kind of crazy, so it was nice to go in early November instead. The plane was full, but the beach wasn’t. And it wasn’t the good hot weather that you might expect from Florida, but the benefit of being a Minnesota is anytime it is over 60 I am pretty happy, and topping out at 80 degrees is plenty warm for me.

I had a friend come with which was a fun difference. We stayed at my parents house but we did activities I haven’t really done before. We walked chairs to the beach, we visited the beachside bar pictured above, and took a day to drive to Naples for some shopping and lunch.

We also did my typical activities of 4 mile beach walks, eating all meals at the outside table, and having a key lime pie from Publix as dessert one night.

This week Monday and Tuesday felt like the worlds longest days and then Wednesday and Thursday felt normal, and now its suddenly my lunch break on Friday, and there was snow in Northern Minnesota this morning, and its basically Thanksgiving! (I am well aware there is technically another week until Thanksgiving, but still, it feels like it is already Thanksgiving).

Do you have Thanksgiving traditions you are looking forward to? I will do a meal at my grandma’s house which will be really nice. There will also be trips to empty out Jeff’s storage unit, and if that goes well we might drive across Wisconsin to see his brother play football.

I’m not going to lie though, I wouldn’t mind if I somehow got another plane ticket and could put my feet in the sand again.

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  1. Yay for a warm getaway! That sounds perfect! We are going to visit my sister in AZ in February and I can’t wait. It will be my first flight in about 2 years. I know we will all be ready for a break from the cold.

    We are celebrating thanksgiving with my family. 4 of the 5 siblings will be there so I am excited to see everyone!

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