10: Progress

Over on my Instagram story yesterday I shared a peek at Jeff’s new kitchen. And I am very excited to cook in there. However, I don’t know when we will be unpacked and settled in there to be cooking. While he closes the weekend before Thanksgiving, the first order of business is emptying out the storage units. Right now my condo is perfectly set up for the two of us, so we can unpack and be as messy as we want without worrying about getting beds and clothes and kitchen stuff ready.

While I still have my condo kitchen nicely set up, I decided to try my hand at a braised beef recipe with polenta that I found online. The polenta wasn’t quite my jam, but the beef turned out awesome. Thankfully it made plenty of leftovers which has been a comforting and tasty treat during lunches for me.

Today (Sunday) we slept in a bit, made breakfast and then headed to church. In our Maple Grove days we were pretty good about going to Saturday evening mass, but summer happened and life happened and mass has not been part of our weekends lately. After mass we finished some touch up painting that has been needed in the condo, and I cleaned other parts of the condo.

I also called my family for a chat and then headed out for a quick walk and chat with another friend. I stopped by trader joes and am now settling in for a relaxing evening. With a crazy couple of weekends for moving coming up I am very glad for nights and days with minimal plans. And I always like when my week days have a regular routine. I like time to make a good dinner, I like getting in a walk, and I like having the condo relatively clean.

Progress for me is about making things organized and being prepared. I like mapping out what my day/week/month is going to look like and figuring out what things I will need to make everything happen. If life is a mess it is hard for me to make progress in my goals. So the better organized things are, the more likely I am to accomplish things.

What do you need to make progress?

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  1. That beef dish looks delicious! Yum! You guys have an exciting month ahead of you with the big move. Will you be moving into the new home or staying in your condo? Moving in together was such a huge decision for us but ultimately the right one. My parents were not pleased but we got engaged 6 months later and they got over it when that happened!!

    I am such a planner so need lists to manage life, especially for big changes like a move!!

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