8: Divided

I’m on time! It is rare and getting rarer as the days go on. On November 11, I celebrated 10 years of blogging. I was on WordPress.com then wordpress.org, and now back to WordPress.com. Which is really where I should have stayed the whole time. At some points I wondered if I could use these skills to transfer into my career, but ultimately that never quite worked out. And I’m okay with that.

The photo for this week is from the last Vikings game I attended, which was an early double date that Jeff and I went on. I was raised a Vikings fan, so starting to date a Packer backer was a difficult decision…kind of. Early in our conversations I asked Jeff a very round about question…. If for some reason he was in Chicago, and the Bears were playing the Dolphins, and in this world the Packers didn’t even exist….Who would he root for? And I don’t remember his answer, it probably was along the lines of “whoever is the underdog” which is a great method for sports fans.

Jeff quickly called me out because it was the most random and long winded question, and all I really wanted to know was if he would ever be willing to go to a Vikings game. Which he did. And then this year (next weekend)….we are going to the Vikings Packers game together. Which I really am nervous about. Both teams have their issues this year. But we will go, and hopefully remain together after.

Do you have a family tradition of rooting for a sports team?

Have you had to change your sport alliances as life has changed?


  1. Ha! Too funny! Hope you guys survived the game last week. My dad isn’t a huge sports fan. He’s a Vikings fan but didn’t necessarily always watch the games. The biggest fan is my grandma who is 98 and LOVES football. So I guess you could call me a skeptical Vikings fan. They are such a heart break team so it’s hard to be truly passionate about them. How fun to go to 2 games though!!

  2. Oh, how fun! I hope you are, indeed, a house divided that is, nonetheless, still together. 😉 I grew up on the East coast so an Eagles fan. My brother, my father, and I were the most enthusiastic members of our nuclear family; however, the extended family on my mom’s side are ALL ardent Iggles (as they say in Philly) fans. The family text thread when they won the SB was epic.
    Then I moved to Wisconsin. Packer land. For the past almost 5 years, I’ve rooted for both unless they’re playing each other, then it’s back to my roots and the Eagles. But the debacle with Rodgers and the vaccine and his self-entitled hissy fit(s) have made me pivot back to the Eagles only.
    My other challenge? Grew up in Big Ten land for Penn State, went to Iowa for grad school, and now work at Wisconsin. Talk about an identity crisis! 🙂

    1. Oh Man, the Penn/Iowa/Wisconsin is extra confusing. The eagles and packer land I get, but yes the Rodgers drama is a total turnoff. It will be very interesting to see when he leaves and under what kind of terms. I listened to a podcast about Favre vs Rodgers a while ago and the packer transition for QBs could definitely use some work.

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