21: Relax

Summer weather seems to have finally normalized. Usually I consider August to be the too hot for my liking month, but after June and July it seems that either I have finally acclimated a bit, or that weather in the low 80s is just better than the high 90s.

Friday night Jeff and I sat on the porch and played cribbage with beverages. He traveled for work the last two weeks, and we were at a wedding in Wisconsin last weekend so it felt really good to have a weekend where nothing “had” to be done, and instead we got to move at our own pace.

I like people and entertaining and maintaining friendships so there are people I feel like I need to see and hang out with more often. But I also know that my stress level cannot handle always going going going. Even when it is fun events, I get worn out.

Saturday we slept in, played a little tennis, and then went to the Edina pool. I used to go there all the time as a kid, and we were certainly the only two adults there without a kid in attendance, but it still felt good to go and relax. Then we went home, cleaned up for church, and grilled brats outside.

I didn’t pull out my computer last night to type this up, so I’m getting to it now on Sunday morning with a cup of coffee, and some Pioneer Woman on tv. Next up is probably a bike ride, a trip to look at the house being built, maybe a little more tennis before grilling steaks for dinner.

How do you like to relax?

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  1. I love the Edina pool! We went for the first time this summer. I want to go back more next year when I am not working around Will’s 2 naps. The kids area is so great but I can see it being enjoyable for adults, too!!

    I definitively need downtown because I am a hard core introvert! So a go go go schedule will really wear on me. Seeing the cribbage board brings back memories of when Phil and I were dating. We played that game nearly every time we saw each other. We also played it when I was induced to have Paul!

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