22: Water

I am happiest near water. Friday night Jeff and I attended his cousin’s wedding Kenosha, Wisconsin. It seems everyone is more aware of Kenosha because of the riots last year, but the wedding venue was gorgeous, and a few blocks away from Lake Michigan.

I am so thankful that last summer we went to Door County. I am craving another trip there, even though the drive is farther than I would go for just a weekend. Every trip we have taken to the east side of Wisconsin we have driven in Jeff’s truck. But this weekend we took my car and I have driven. Jeff had work calls to take on Friday while we were driving, and I had the day off so I could drive undistracted.

Saturday morning we slept in, and walked down to the marina to take in Lake Michigan. I would have given just about anything to drive up to Door County and walk the shore on the rocks among the trees. But instead we took in the view and headed to Jeff’s hometown to spend some time with more family.

Summer is slipping by fast, and fall always go even faster. Jeff’s house has now been announced as “sometime in November” so who knows what will be happening by that time.

But I know when I’m feeling overwhelmed, a little time near water will make me feel a little bit better. Even if I just get to look at the boats and not ride on them.



  1. I love being by the water, too! It calms me down, too! I hope you guys had fun at the wedding. Our summer has not been very busy but has still gone by pretty fast. I am feeling ready for fall. I usually feel like this by august but especially feel that way this summer with how crazy hot it has been. I am ready to run in cool, crisp weather! I just hope we get a nice long fall because I am not ready for what comes next!

  2. Like you and Lisa, I love being by the water. When I thought about the places in the US that I love the most, the top three were all on or close to bodies of water: coastal Maine, the North Shore of Lake Superior, and a tie between Cannon Beach, OR, and the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. I love that you were able to get a mini-Lake Michigan fix during your weekend away! Oh, and one thing I’ve done – when possible – is record the sound of the water lapping at my favorite places, or the waves coming in. It’s hard but oh, so lovely to be able to return to those sounds when I’m in my (landlocked) apartment.

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