20: Almost 2022

I know, Summer isn’t even over and I’m already thinking about how close we are to 2022. But what is wild to me is how much 2020 and 2021 have blended together in my brain.

I took this photo the weekend of March 13, 2020 when my friends and I still went to Omaha to visit a friend from college. She is a doctor and with the information we had at the time, it seemed like we were still safe. No one got sick on the trip, although in hindsight maybe we shouldn’t have gone anyways? Who knows.

I am glad that we were able to have time together, two friends on that trip now have new little ones who I haven’t been able to meet yet. And while FaceTime is fun, it isn’t the same. Time keeps marching on and there is so much we do not have control over.

We are cautiously and hopefully trying to plan a weekend where we can be together, although we all know that plans now have a gigantic asterisk, of “assuming we are all safe and healthy and able.”

Summer always goes fast, it is just a fact of life. But I find it amazing how fast the second half of the year goes in general. I have plenty of weekends in September, October, and even November with plans, or hopeful plans.

What do you have planned for the last half of the year? Or are you (possibly) wiser than me and just seeing how 2021 continues to play out?



  1. We have so little planned for the rest of the year. But that is life with 2 little kids! The biggest thing I am looking forward to is the twin cities 10 mile! Holidays feel so up in the air. With things being bad in FL now, it seems like November and December could be bad again this year. And my kids likely won’t have a vaccine for them until after the new year. So the end of the year is a big question mark!!

  2. I don’t have much planned because from late August to mid-December is when work is really busy for me (University position). I hope that at least some of yours happen, as it seems you’re really looking forward to them!

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