30: Birthday

Not my birthday, but Kent and Johnny’s (my dad and brother). Their birthdays are 5 days apart so some years they share a birthday cake. As kids I think my mom made two cakes depending on when/if we were inviting lots of family members over.

Red Velvet cake is our family cake preference. It stems from my dad’s side of the family, although my mom tweaked the recipe and uses a German chocolate cake mix as the base, and a basic cream cheese frosting. It’s delicious and I’ve tried other peoples/restaurants red velvet cakes, and they are never as good.

Jeff’s family has a caramel icing that I got to make for the first time for his birthday this year, and I have started tweaking what base of the cake to use….I used a chocolate box mix this year, but next year I am going to try a brownie as the base, because frankly I prefer brownies over cake (unless its the aforementioned red velvet cake).

Traditions can be tightly held, or they can be remembered, and revisited as it fits in with life. And sometimes you don’t even realize you have a tradition, until someone suggests a change.

What traditions do you have?


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  1. I am totally a pie person! not cake. 🙂 Love that you have already started adapting Jeff’s family’s recipe. And yes, brownies > cake. Every day. Unless they have nuts, and then, just, well, no. (I have strong dessert opinions, as you can see!)

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