31: One Way

I took my first one-way plane ride this week. On Monday morning I flew from Chicago to Minneapolis, and…it was fine. Jeff’s nephew got baptized in Chicago on Sunday afternoon. And since Jeff’s work territory includes St. Louis, we decided that he should drive us to Chicago, and then drive on to sales calls. I could have flown home on Sunday evening, but decided taking a half day on Monday would make life easier.

I was glad on Sunday evening that I got to relax and Jeff’s sister and brother in law’s condo. The weekend flew by and it made the work week seem a little off. Somehow it is already Wednesday night and I haven’t sat down to my personal computer all week.

There are lots of places I would like to visit in Chicago, but since we make the trip for Jeff’s family, we haven’t done any fun tourist things (other than visit Navy Pier, which I have done multiple times before).

I was glad to get to see his whole family that afternoon, as I most likely will not see them again until August.

With all the things I have planned for the summer, August seems so far away right now. But at the same time, I know I’ll be writing a post in August after seeing all of them again, and this past weekend will seem like so long ago.

While I took a one-way plane trip, why can’t time move at one speed? Why do weekends fly by but weeks seem to drag on?

I don’t have much to say today, and frequently wonder if I should stop writing in this space, but for now I keep up as best I can.

Have you ever bought a one-way ticket? Do weeks seem to drag on for you? Or fly by?


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  1. I have family in the chicago area, too. It’s hard to balance seeing them with seeing the city, especially since my brother lives waaaaay outside chicago! So I have seen more of chicago on work trips. It’s such a fun city!

    August will probably be here before we know it! Some weeks go fast and some go slow. And honestly some weekends can crawl by too since they are not all that relaxing right now with 2 young kids. Sometimes we get to Sunday and think ‘thank god we go back to work tomorrow’. Ha!!!

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