32: Cool

I am both proud and feeling guilty that my post is scheduled and ready to go. I’m writing this Saturday morning. I had to turn the heat on at my parents house because while wearing pajama pants and a sweatshirt while drinking coffee I was still super chilly. Last weekend the temperature was 80 degrees and I was cranky about the heat, Minnesota gave us an abrupt turn and is now barely 60 degrees and I’m confused as to why I packed Summer clothes for this weekend.

I mentioned last week that I’ve been tired lately, and that feeling lasted throughout the entire week. I think it is the stress of trying to help Jeff, except for it is his stuff and I certainly don’t know how to pack up and move all his garage stuff. Friday I was antsy to get on the road, but not energetic enough to do a workout before our drive.

We got up to Aitkin, unloaded the car, put the boat in the water (said hello to some cousins who were also at the boat launch) and then drove to my favorite dinner spot (Lonesome Pine). Of course it was packed but after about 20 minutes we got a table in the dining room that still had a partial view of the Wild game. We left when it was tied, and got to my parents house in time….to see some of the end. I guess there is always next year, which Minnesota sports fans are used to.

Jeff is out fishing this morning, and likely he will fish tomorrow morning as well. This afternoon I think we will play some tennis and maybe also go for a bike ride. We will head back to the cities sometime on Sunday because that is what we did last year, and enjoyed having the day to readjust. I’ll be meeting up with a friend to drink LoverBoy (the seltzer’s from Summer House), and sit and chat.

As I said last week, next weekend will include a drive to Chicago for a baptism. I am actually flying from Chicago to Minneapolis on Monday morning because Jeff will go to work from Chicago the rest of the week. So while we are still up north, I’m heading back outside, even if it is cool out, to look at the lake, and maybe relax.

Have you ever bought a one-way plane ticket?

How are you spending the long weekend?


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  1. The change in weather has been extreme lately! I am trying to enjoy these cooler temps because the week ahead looks steamy!!

    I have a bought one way ticket before but then I learned that buying a round trip is usually cheaper, so when I flew my mom down to Charlotte to do the drive back when I moved home, I bought her a round trip ticket and then she just didn’t use the return flight!

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