39: Shots

I’m the proud owner of 1 dose of moderna! I will get my 2nd shot on Cinco de Mayo and Jeff was the lucky winner of a Johnson and Johnson appointment. I’m writing this on Thursday, and his appointment is Friday evening, and I’m very glad that he was able to get a 1 dose vaccine as his work schedule is unpredictable, and scheduling a 2nd dose could have been difficult.

My vaccine location…not my arm, but the clinic….was actually at my home church! It was a coincidence, but it definitely brought more emotions thinking about all the memories I have in that building. As you might remember, I drove to my hometown to have my gallbladder removed, and I also had my license renewed at home instead of trying to get an appointment in the metro. Jeff’s new house will be outside of the metro, but still adjacent, so it’ll be interesting to see if I make the attempt to schedule things in that area, or if I keep using Aitkin as my go-to for scheduling. I do see the Dentist in the twin cities, because I those appointments seem to be harder to make, and technically I have a dr. down here, but with covid going on I wanted to be in a smaller hospital.

As for side affects of dose 1…I was able to complete a peloton class about 6 hours post shot, and I didn’t fall asleep easily last night, but that was because of the book I was reading. I still have some muscle soreness, putting on a sports bra is a little difficult, but very mild symptoms so far. I hear it is dose 2 that can be rough, and I’ve heard for women that their period can come early, but no change there so far for me.

Have you had a chance to schedule your vaccine yet? Are you trying to get a specific dose or clinic location?


  1. Yay for both of you getting your shots! I got Pfizer and had no symptoms after either shot! But I am on immune suppressant drugs so I guess it is less likely that I will have a reaction. I drove to St Peter for mine. I know that is your college town. That’s where Phil went, too! I was so desperate for a dose so was willing to drive 90 minutes. Phil got his at the Mpls convention center. He felt pretty crappy for 48 hours – fever, aches headache, tired. But it’s good is body responded. It was just bad timing as we were up at my parents lake home. But he was feeling better 48 hours after the shot.

    1. Oh I hope you stopped at River Rock for coffee after to celebrate!! I have been meaning in this last year to drive down to St. Peter for the day, but it keeps not happening. Even though it is relatively close, I just don’t drive down there as often as I should.

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