40: Compare

Happy Easter! This time last year I spent Easter Weekend in Aitkin by myself. I wasn’t comfortable going to my grandparents house for a meal, and Jeff was going to visit his family, but I wasn’t sure about the safety in that choice either. This year Jeff’s mom and stepdad visiting, and I have gone back and forth to Aitkin quite a few times.

Now that we are well over 1 year into Covid, it is interesting to compare what I was doing and how I was feeling at this time last year. I was relieved when I went to Aitkin for Easter last year. I was glad to get outside in the fresh air, and knew that being alone meant I was safe. I went to the grocery store this week and it was relatively empty, and I didn’t overspend or overstock, because I wasn’t worried about when I would get to the store again. Last year I had so much stress is March and April, I didn’t know what was going to happen, or how long all of this was going to last.

This year I know my routine, I know what I am comfortable with, and while there are plenty of changes in life on the horizon, I am fairly certain I can/will have to just navigate them as they come.

I am also happy to report that I will be getting my first vaccine this week. Minnesota is a bit competitive with finding times, but I did eventually find one that worked for my schedule.

Do you compare things with how they used to be? Or do you just accept your current reality and go with it?


  1. It is weird to think back on this time last year. I am glad things are so much better now! I got my 2nd dose on Wednesday. Phil is still looking around for one. He has less work flexibility so it will he harder for him to find one but hopefully he can get his first dose this month! We have my MIL with us this holiday – first time we have had family with us for an holiday since Christmas 2019!

  2. I’ve been thinking about your question posed at the end of your post since I read this a few days ago…

    Do you compare things with how they used to be? Or do you just accept your current reality and go with it?

    And, wow. What a fascinating thing to think about!?!?! I tend to be someone who accepts it and moves on – at least, I *thought* I was. But… I also think back and think “what if?” What if I had started from where I was 5+ years ago and made different choices? And I think that’s an element of this as well. It requires comparison of where I am now, where I was 5+ years ago, and what happened in the interim. And, what if I had chosen differently? How would my life be different? WOULD my life be different?

    You probably didn’t intend for me to go on a philosophy bender here, but thank you for posting such a thought-provoking question!

    (And yes, I find myself less stressed about shopping, etc., but then something random is missing for WEEKS – Target, especially, seems to have this happen – and it gets me going again…)

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