33: Pickleball

I can’t remember when I started playing tennis, maybe 2nd grade or so? I was never all that good, but I played enough to have fun playing. Jeff and I started playing tennis together early in our relationship. In the summer we usually get in a pretty good habit of playing for an hour or so a couple nights a week.

When we knew we were moving to Delano we played tennis at the high school courts. They are beautiful. But with school still in session, we haven’t ventured over there yet this year. For my birthday Jeff gifted me/us a beginning pickleball set. And Delano happens to have courts that are pickleball specific!

We have played for the first time and….I need some convincing. The racket isn’t as long as I want, the ball doesn’t bounce the way I expect it to, the rules are different, and I swear they took all the fun things out of tennis and then called the new sport pickleball.

But it is the fastest growing sport, and I’m probably wrong, and likely just don’t like it because it is new and different. So I’ll keep trying, but I also want to play real tennis, because I like that too.

Have you played pickleball yet? Do you like it better than tennis? Why?


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  1. We saw people playing pickle ball at the courts by the park I took Paul to on Sunday. It was my first time seeing the game played. It is all the rage but I have never been interested as I am just awful at things like tennis/racketball/etc. That was a good gift idea by Jeff, though! It’s nice to have an activity to do together that gets you outdoors and working up a sweat. Phil and I used to run together but that has fallen by the wayside since having kids. But we take lots of walks together which is probably more enjoyable that running as he’s faster than we me so it was quite the workout to keep up with him, even though he slowed down for me!

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