32: Summer

Memorial Sunday means summer is here! Last weekend Jeff and I went up to Aitkin, got his boat out of storage and onto the lake. The weather was chilly, but we still got lots of outdoor time. It wasn’t fun needing to wear a winter hat on the boat, but we were able to play some tennis and have a bonfire.

Summer is always busy. I just sent Jeff an email with an outline of the summer weekends and what plans we already had. Most of July is thankfully open, but I also know it is going to fly by. We saw Jeff’s family in March and April, and I will have seen some of them this weekend, but we don’t have a specific visit planned until August. We will see if we can add in one more visit in June/July.

Every summer Jeff discusses buying a new boat, but maybe this summer it will actually happen. Not new as in brand new off the lot, but new to him likely. His little boat is awesome and easy to travel with, but not that comfy and is really only for fishing, you can’t ski or tube behind it.

I do not love fishing like Jeff does, but I am all for sitting in the boat for a bit. I am thinking it would be fun to keep the new boat in Aitkin so we don’t have to haul it back and forth, but keep the small boat in Delano so when we aren’t up north we can still get a lake or river if we want.

Do you prefer boating or fishing?



  1. I do not care for fishing either! I like going along and reading a book/enjoying being on the water, though! Although that doesn’t really happen these days with young kids! We will be up at the lake this coming weekend but it will be a short/busy visit as we have my nephew’s grad party on Saturday afternoon/evening. And then we will come back home Sunday morning. We’ll be back in 2 weeks though for a 2-night stay and then a longer stay in August. I am glad you have some open weekends – try to keep them open!!

  2. I am not a big fan of fishing OR boating. Although… occasionally a nice run around the lake with the wind in my hair is okay! And I don’t mind sitting on a boat in a (small) lake and enjoying the sun.

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