17: Walls

After months of minimal work, there are officially walls in Jeff’s house. Our timeline hasn’t changed, it still sounds like he will close sometime in November.

The houses are close together, but so be it.

I’m at a loss for words this week. The next two months are full of activity and this coming week has a lot. On Wednesday will be my Grandpa’s official funeral, in July we had an immediate family only service. Then on Saturday a cousin from the same side of the family is getting married.

All of the activities we have planned this fall are good and important, and I wouldn’t cancel them. But the upcoming change with Jeff’s house and a busy work season, and a busy weekend fun schedule gets to me every now and then.

So please forgive my lack content or insight this week. And it is possible the next week or two I might take off from posting. But who knows. Typically my inspiration comes from the photos I have taken, but the photos have seemed lack luster lately and maybe my writing too.

Thank you for being here and reading.

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  1. It’s tough to feel over scheduled! I went through that pre-kids and learned how to be better about saying no to things. It was hard to learn how to do that but so good for my mental health and general enjoyment of life. Of course you can’t say no to big things like funerals and weddings but to the extent you can, make sure you aren’t over extend it yourself. Things sounded fun when someone asked me to do something but when the commitment rolled around, I was too busy to look forward to it or enjoy it!

    Hang in there!!!

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