18: Nature

After spending most of August with 10 hour work days, I’m happy that it paid off and I’m finally feeling almost caught up. There are still going to be busy days, especially because I have lots of time off coming this fall, but I am hopeful that the absolute worst is behind me.

The weather definitely helps my mood. I am not built for the height of summer. I am a sunny and 75 at the max kind of girl. Anything warmer and I need cool beverages and preferably some water to swim in. So now that the weather has started to cool off, I’m able to be outside longer and happier. This weekend I had friends come over and one little visitor found a baby painted turtle. It was fun to watch the excitement and also remember when I was a kid who loved to play with frogs.

Today (Labor Day) Jeff and I went for a bike ride, and it didn’t matter what time in the morning we set out, because the weather wasn’t going to prohibitively warmer or colder throughout the day. I’m hopeful that instead of just my 20 minute walk in the morning, I can do that plus an afternoon/evening activity.

The last two weekends I went on walks and then immediately got in the lake which felt amazing, and I did not do that enough this summer, and hopefully next summer I will be a little better about getting in the darn lake.

How do you like to spend time in Nature?



  1. I also like this cooler weather! It was too hot to be outside with young kids for a good chunk of the summer. Paul seems to overheat easily so I am careful about having him out in the heat. Give me sunny and in the 70s with cool nights! I am also enjoying running in cool morning weather much more than the hot stuff I ran in this summer!!!

  2. I love being in nature – hiking, being at a lake or the ocean, even just being in a park. And yet it’s the one thing I have not made enough time for the last… well, 20 months. (Thanks, COVID.) You and others are inspiring me to MAKE time for it, now. The turtle might have sealed it. 🙂

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