Strand, Solera, and #HLS13 Thursday

I made it! I finished packing, went to work, went back home, found the 2 missing cords (ipod chargers and garmin chargers are important!) and drove down to Minneapolis!

I made a quick stop in St. Louis Park to check out Strand. Its a new salon that has everything I could ever want!

The Strand St. Louis Park MnUpon arriving I was offered: water, coffee, pop, beer, or wine. I choose to skip, but next time I will definitely indulge! I’m not a very girly girl, so when I want to look appropriate I get a little nervous. Left to my own devices my hair will be in a pony tail and out of my face immediately! The Strand Before

Can you tell how tired and overwhelmed I was? Sitting down with Emily and having her wash my hair and take the time to style it felt amazing. I had never had a blowout before, but The next time I have another event where I want to feel fresh and polished I will definitely be back.

Blowout Strand St. Louis Park

Once I got the hotel (Hilton Downtown) I dropped off my bags and hurried down to meet my mini-mingle for dinner at Solera. It is a tapas style restaurant which means everything comes on small plates.

Tara, Myself, Allie, Kristen, and Ashley.

We talked and talked and occasionally ate, and slowly sipped some delicious sangria.

I only took one picture, but I am proud to say I tried every version of meat on the plate!

Our conversation over dinner included getting to know one another I’ll be honest, I hadn’t read any of their blogs at the time. The conversation naturally flowed as we discussed our favorite bloggers and what blogging styles we have. Now I’m off to bed, my alarm goes off in 6 short hours.

I’m bring a group of runner to join Mill City Running in their Flapjack Friday run!

How many hours a sleep do you need per night? I’m not sure if 6 will do it for me…but I’ve got the coffeemaker ready to go to help me out!


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