I made it, I ate it: Pumpkin No Bake Cookies

I had a can of pure pumpkin teasing me, and now that its September, I knew I could use it. Since Sunday was so rainy, I spent the day cooking. It conveniently aligns with today’s task for the Live More Weigh Less Challenge, Spend 5 hours cooking. Since I’m currently enjoying all the Healthy Living Summit has to offer, I decided to switch days.

I started my cooking day with Grilled Artichokes. In the afternoon I whipped up these cookies.

A lot of the “pumpkin” recipes I looked up actually called for pumpkin pudding, not pure pumpkin. After several searches, I finally found this recipe. I prefer to use pure pumpkin because it is low cal and provides a lot of fiber and vitamin A.

Pumpkin No Bake Cookie Ingredients

I almost forgot to add the vanilla extract and milk, (I have a bad habit of forgetting ingredients).

Melted No Bake Pumpkin Cookie Ingredients

Keep heat on low for the entire recipe. There is no need to turn it up, unless you want to burn yourself.

Adding Oats to No Bake Pumpkin Cookies

Add the oats very slowly and stir to combine.

No Bake Pumpkin Cookies

I used an ice cream scoop and made 20 No Bake Pumpkin Cookies. You could use a smaller scoop if you wanted.

Next time I would experiment with Coconut Oil instead of Butter. I think there was too much cinnamon, and I would love to add some Peanut Butter, but that will be a recipe for another day.

Have a great Saturday! I’m going to be at the Healthy Living Summit, watch me on twitter and instagram for all of the action! I’m @katie_lf for both accounts!


  1. I’m glad you tried the recipe. Coconut oil would probably taste delicious (and be healthier). Good idea! Like you, I think, I rarely stick with exact recipe.

  2. These look like they would be delicious! I bet you could put a little cream cheese IN the recipe – it would help them clump together better and be SO tasty!

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