Monday Moment: TC 10 Miler and Sport Bra Review

Happy Monday! I’ve got 2 things to share with you for today.

#1 The Twin Cities 10 Miler (which is a lottery) is extended, so you can still sign up today (expires at Midnigth)!! You enter your credit card info, and if you don’t get selected you pay $5, but if you DO get selected, your credit card will be charged the $75 for the race. I’m registered, but if I am actually selected I”ll need to really start thinking about pace and making sure I keep up on long runs.

#2 I tried the new style of theC9 (Target brand) sports bra, and have a little review for you! On Sunday I went for a 1 hour bike ride, which ended up being 12 miles. I’ve been wearing Target C9 sports bras since I really started getting into running. However, they came out with a new criss-cross style that I bought a few weeks ago, and finally decided to try it out. I first wore it with the straps normal, like a tank top, and the straps didn’t slide down at all, but I was worried about it, so before I even left I switched the straps back to criss-cross.

C9 Target Seamless Fashion CamiThe first thing I noticed about the bra is that it comes up much higher in the front. This is probably best for bigger chested women. Usually the sports bras come to the top of my tank top, if it had been a sunny day and I had gotten a tan line this high, I would have been disappointed.

Now that criss-cross back I anticipated being a hassle. However, I was pleasantly surprised!

C9 Target Sports BraI didn’t have any issues, and I feel like this bra is more supportive. As a small chested female I hope that Target never gets rid of the other style, I love it and know exactly what I’m getting when I purchase it.

Have you tried this new style out yet? Or do you have a different sports bra that you love?



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