#IGBloomington: 9 weeks Left.

So I took the plunge and registered for the Irongirl Duathlon! And last week was my first week of “training”. I am using this race as a warm-up to the triathlon(s)? I hope to accomplish next year. Either way..Here’s the training plan I found, and I crossed out what didn’t happen and wrote in what I did instead.

As a reminder, I teach yoga sculpt on Monday mornings 6 am and Wednesday nights 5 pm. Therefore I’m reducing some of the runs and the strength training sessions to ensure my body doesn’t give out on me.

Monday:  40 Minute Run   Taught Sculpt in the morning. Afternoon: 5 minute warm up walk, 30 minutes Galloway Method (4 minutes running 1 minute walking).

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Run 30 minutes, Teach Sculpt.

Thursday: Run 20, Bike 45, Run 20.  Bike 30ish, Run/Walk 10ish.

Friday: Bike 1 hour

Saturday: Strength, Walk 2 miles

Sunday: Bike 1 Hour = 12 miles, plus walked 4.5 miles.

So I didn’t exactly follow the training plan. But the bike ride on Sunday felt really good!

Here’s this week’s schedule.

Monday: 45 min run, Teach Sculpt in the morning. Afternoon golf 9 holes, walking/carrying clubs.

Tuesday: Rest (I hope to bike to work).

Wednesday: Run 30 min, Strength. Teach Sculpt.

Thursday: Run 20 min, Bike 1 hour, Run 30 min. (not gonna happen, I hope to walk .5 mile, run .5 mile, bike 5 miles, run/walk 2 miles).

Friday: Bike 1 hour. (might just be biking to work and back).

Saturday: Rest (might get a class in, or walk somewhere, I’ll be visiting a friend in St. Paul)

Sunday: Bike 1.5 hour. (doubt this will happen, driving home and then I have Miss Aitkin practice).

If anyone has tips for fueling on bike rides, please share! I drank about 8 oz of water halfway through my 1 hour ride, but am unsure what I should do for rides longer than that….maybe I should finally buy a camelbak?




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