YOLO, FOMO, and Comparisons.

Does everyone know what those first two title words mean? Yolo (pronounced yo-low) stands for You Only Live Once. While this is true, it has a connotation of doing what you want, not worrying about the consequences, and living life to the max.

While FOMO (pronounced fo-mo) is Fear Of Missing Out. This is a phenomena that I believe is most prevalent in 20 somethings. As we graduate from college we start to worry that we’re doing the right thing, at the right time, with the right people.  If a 20 something is sitting at home on any given night, you can bet they’ve opened up their facebook newsfeed and gotten a little jealous of whatever their “facebook friends” are doing.

And then there’s the final piece of the puzzle that doesn’t have a catchy name (that I’m aware of). Comparisons. Even if you’re out with your friends, Yoloing, not Fomoing, you’re still watching what others are doing and making sure you are keeping up with the crowd/trend.

Two different blogs I read have commented on these feelings. Theodora mentioned FOMO in passing. And Katie of Running4Cupcakes (aka not me), wrote specifically about comparisons.

I’ve spent most the week trying to post this blog but haven’t felt I’ve been accurately able to say what I’m feeling. But the Healthy Living Summit Facebook Page post this photo that makes me feel a whole lot better.

blog to the beatWhile I may not be the most elegant or sophisticated blogger, it really doesn’t matter. I don’t need the false bravado of YOLO, or have to monitor my actions to ward off FOMO, or worry about what others are doing and how I measure up.

As long as I’m happy, healthy, and not harming myself what does the rest matter? RIGHT?!?!

So this weekend I’m going to do my best to do what I want. Which means I will be trying a 1 hour bike ride and going to the Beanery tonight for wine and listening to a good friend sing. Saturday I may attend an outdoor workout in the morning, and then I hope to drive to Duluth and use my Duluth Run Co coupons before they expire. Saturday night I might go out with a good friend. And then Sunday I may go to church with my family and then in the afternoon I have to teach the Miss Aitkin Candidates their opening number dance.

What are your plans for the weekend? Have you experienced YOLO or FOMO?


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts – and for teaching me about FOMO! I am excited to be working on some fun upcoming blog posts, doing my 8 mile long run for the week, and meeting my best friend on Sunday for a trip to the zoo with the kids. Seriously, life is good, right!!

  2. ugh. yes. this. i struggle w/ FOMO. it’s one of the reasons i’m currently deactivated from facebook. i compare myself too much and work myself up over it, like “ugh ANOTHER person from grade school/college/high school is engaged and i’m no closer to finding my husband than i was a year ago omg omg omg!”

  3. Great post and I agree 100%!

    Plans this weekend include: exploring St. Paul with the husband and mother-in law, two runs, work and hopefully a little relaxation!

  4. Well said, Katie- and something I need more bloggers (ok, everyone) should be aware of. No matter how popular your blog is – someone else’s will get more traffic. No matter what cool experience is happening in your life – you could find someone who’s doing something cooler. It’s more important to focus on feeling great about what you’re doing – in your life and on your blog. 🙂 I’ll be heading to Luck Wisconsin for a weekend with friends, then a house warming party on Sunday afternoon.

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