Blue Skies are Back!

Anyone else realllllly ready for spring? On Sunday I tried to encourage the warm weather by going through my closet and doing some spring cleaning. And yesterday I saw a blue sky for the first time in a long time!

I looked up my post from this time last year, and really wish we had been surprised with the early spring again this year, but I guess we get to enjoy how pretty the snow looks some more. (P.S. did you notice the new header photo?)

As I look through my posts I realize how focus on running the blog has been lately. And I want to mix it up and post something else, but the truth is I don’t have that much else going on. Right now its my focus, and thankfully I’ve got a few friends who also have varying interests in running!

This weekend I’ll be joining college friends down in the cities to run the Get Lucky 7k (and know a few people doing the half marathon). We plan on going out afterwards and I can’t think of the last time a big group of us got together to go out (without it being a bachelorette party) so I’m really excited!

So for now, enjoy the running focused posts, but please know that I’m not a machine, and I’m out there doing other stuff its just not all blog-worthy.

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