Race Recap: Jumping Jack Frost 5k

#laterpost I didn’t realize until I started writing my “How Do You Do That? Winter Running” post that I never blogged a race recap of the Jumping Jack Frost 5k! Which is surprising, because it was a really fun race!!

Throughout the fall of 2012 there were discussions with a lot of different people about signing up for a December 5k, and when I looked at the calendar I realized this race was exactly 6 months before Grandma’s Marathon. I figured it was fate and decided to sign myself up. I drove down to the twin cities and ran into a few friends there who were also racing with friends.

And as most races go, everyone was super friendly and we all chatted together before and after the race. For those of you who haven’t done a race before, and are worried that people will judge you if you don’t know what you are doing. FORGET THOSE WORRIES! I really think runners are kind enough to reach out and offer advice if you just ask. Of course there is always going to be someone having a bad day, but in the end we all have had fears and doubts, and know what you’re going through so don’t worry!

Back to the race. I made sure to get to the race location early (I wasn’t exactly sure where it was, and parking always stresses me out) but found the lot easily, and was happy that there was an indoor area where everyone waited for the race to start. This is where I will easily able to find my friends! We all started in the same pack, but had agreed to run our own races and meet up at the end.

Jumpin Jack Frost 5k Sunset

I didn’t exactly stop to take a picture, but I did slow down, and it was wonderful to watch the sunset while we ran. However it was an out and back race, so on the way back we were under lights along the path, which was fine, but had I not been with an organized race, I would have been really creeped out running along the river by myself.

Would I do this race again? Meh. Only if someone really really wanted me to do it with them. It was fine, it wasn’t over priced, but I think there are better locations for 5ks in the Twin Cities with more things close by (aka I like it when there’s a bar located near by). But the chance to do a 5k race exactly 6 months before my first marathon? That’s priceless.

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