I ate it!: Canal Park Brewery

After my long run on Saturday my friend Kayla were ready to eat! We discussed a few options but when her roommate mentioned Canal Park Brewery there were no other options! While Kayla lives in Duluth, every time she’s tried to stop in the place has been so busy she’s decided on other things. And I hadn’t made it up to try it yet, and wanted to get my first try in now while the weather is cold and I knew there wouldn’t be any kind of wait.

We arrived about 3 pm and were surprised by how many people were there, and that we weren’t the only ones eating. We saw the beer list and Kayla mentioned that they also had beer flights available. When our waiter came to take our order he simply asked us what we wanted to drink. We were a little overwhelmed considering they had about 10 options on the list. Finally I asked him if they had a flight available, and he said “Oh yeah, pick 4 beers and you’ll get 4 oz tasting glasses, its the same price as a pint”. SOLD! I picked the two light beers, the IPA, and the Red Winter Wheat (which was the waiter’s suggestion). The 2 lights were fine, the IPA was surprisingly good (it had an IPA taste without being overwhelming) and the Red Winter Wheat is the only one I remember the actual name of, mainly because it tasted strange. The waiter called it “a sweet beer” so I was expecting something similar to Fitgers  Brew Pub’s Apricot Wheat. It was nothing like Apricot Wheat. However once the food came it went down much smoother. Kayla got the a similar flight although she included the Stout, which was really smooth. I’m not a big fan of stout, but really liked the sips of it I had.

For food we started with the cheese curds. They weren’t the best, it seems like they weren’t fresh out of the fryer, although it did come with a chipotle dipping sauce that was tasty.

We both ordered the Tidehaus burger which had caramelized shallots on it and was delicious. I stuck with their regular friends and some lemon pepper mayo to dip, which reminded me of getting french fries in Belgium. And Kayla had sweet potatoe fries which were seasoned perfectly!

I saw on the menu that they offered a grass fed beef patty for $2 extra. However at $13 a burger I wasn’t in the mood to take the upgrade.

The menu included 4 salads which would be wonderful during lunch in the summer, and they had dinner items if you wanted to taste a bit more upscale. The entire establishment feels like it could be in the warehouse district of Minneapolis. Except you look out the window and see Lake Superior. Even while sitting in the middle of the bar we could see the (now frozen) lake. We were told that a patio will be built for the summer, and I can’t wait, although I’m sure the wait time for a table will be long.

So, if you’re not someone who likes to deal with crowds, make sure to stop in on off-peak hours, and be prepared to pay a little more, but thats just what happens when you’re down in Canal Park.

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