Frosty Friday

Don’t always believe what you read on twitter…

Friday Morning Tweet

(and I forgot how to embed my twitter, so if someone could re-teach me that would be awesome!) Anyways, I couldn’t put the blog reading (or blogging down, so here I am with a post)!

I have been seriously dragging this week. I went to bed early every night, although didn’t get the best sleep, and just felt out of it. On Wednesday I left work early to go to the gym, thinking that a good workout would improve my mood. After 20 minutes on the treadmill I threw in the towel. It wasn’t happening. My family and I went out to dinner, and I got carded (without having my id on me) I was bummed. A nice glass of wine with dinner could have really turned my week around. Instead I was drinking hot tea and wondering why I didn’t grab my wallet (other than the obvious I wasn’t driving to or paying for dinner).

Thursday I got through the workday, and left work to go to Dollar tree, aka Pinterest Heaven. Seriously, the next time you want to do a craft project, go straight to Dollar Tree, (and then to the craft store to fill in the missing pieces). My friends and I are having a Pinterest Party on Saturday.

Dollar Tree Pinterest ProjectAny guesses on what we’re making??

Prior to the Pinterest Party I’ll be running the TC Valentines Day 5k (on February 9, but who’s counting) It’s the Twin Cities oldest Winter Running event (this is the 28th year!) You can read more about it here. I know I still owe a “what to wear while winter running” post. But I figured I’d try one other race before I would claim to know what I’m talking about.

I’m hoping this sunrise is a promise of good things to come!

Frosty Friday Winter SunriseWhat do you have planned for this weekend? Were you blessed with a gorgeous sunrise this morning?



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