Hello! Highs! Horoscopes!

On Saturday I was pleased to receive a new high for views on my blog! So thank you new readers! Please please please contact me if you have any questions, or even suggestions! I like making new friends 🙂

Do you check your horoscope ever? Or everyday? While in college I got in the habit and have checked it almost every day since. Its not something I HAVE to do in order to start my day, but I usually check it at some point. Below is my horoscope for today, but you can check yours here.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20). It’s pretty clear that you need more stimulation. There’s not enough in your environment now to motivate your hard work. Put yourself in a more demanding or risky situation.

This could mean any number of things, but I’m choosing to focus on two areas. #1 this blog!

I really haven’t tested myself throughout my blogging. I’ve posted what I’ve wanted when I’ve wanted and for the most part that works. I keep expanding my google reader (if you don’t have one, and love to read blogs you NEED to set one up, contact me for questions). Anyways, I found a 28 Day Blog Challenge (#28dbc), and immediately signed up! Only to scroll through the page and not find the 28 challenges! It took some more blog reading to find Brownies and Zucchini’s post about the same challenge, until I realized it was a “name your own” challenge. I just need to think of things to change on this blog in order to be a participant!

#2 for things I need to be challenged in is….Yoga Certification.
That’s right folks. I posted here about my someday future maybe goal of possibly becoming a yoga sculpt instructor. And I’ve had a few conversations about my options of making this a reality. The low cost low time committment is the National Exercise Trainers Association certification. They have a few locations close to me in the next few months, and I am considering taking the Yoga Specialty Certification. You can see all the options available in the Midwest here. However after calling them and discussing what the class entails I’m not sure its for me. No matter what I would want a more in depth training to hone my skills.

Which brings me back to my original intention of Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training through Corepower. And after contacting them I’ve realized that it is the best option, the most thorough training, and will best set me up for the future, whatever that may be. It will definitely be demanding, and it is a little risky (getting done at 10:30 on Thursday nights and still needing to get to work in the morning?) not to mention marathon training.

So here’s hoping I get that added stimulation in my life! Do you have suggestions on things I can change to my blog, or a thought on which certification I should take?


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