Race Recap: TC Valentine’s Day 5k

Did you know 27 degrees Fahrenheit can feel colder than 6 degrees Fahrenheit? Want to know why? WIND. I was seriously confused about to wear Saturday morning. I was a little screwed because I was already at the race location and dressed, but I considered adding my rain jacket (to block the wind) or my hoodie (to stay extra warm). But I kept remembering “dress as if its 15 degrees warmer” because your body will heat up. And I prayed that would happen. (and it did, I even removed my neckwarmer during the run to cool down a bit) But still, pre-race was seriously cold with the wind coming off the lake.

I arrived at the race site at 8:30 am when registration opened. I hadn’t been able to pick up my packet the day before, but I was glad to be there early because I also got a close (and free) parking space! I debated partaking in the race treats prior to the race, Hot Chocolate and Candy Hearts to go with the theme of the day, as well as water (boring but necessary).

TC Valentines Day 5k Race Treats

This was the first race that I’ve participated in where I jogged a bit before the race started. I felt like a poser, but at the same time I kept remembering the ice block feet I had last month at the start of the Securian 10 k, and figured it was probably for the best.

Once everyone lined up at the start I realized “warming up” was ridiculous. There were so many people on the course that it felt a little warmer, but there was no where to go! The first three miles were completely bottlenecked (let me remind you, its a 5k, there was only .2 miles where I wasn’t bobbing from side to side around people). While this may sound super negative, I did gain a positive from the experience. I was so frustrated by the bottlenecking that I NEVER took a walking break!! Don’t get me wrong, I encourage walking breaks. But at the same time….I want my pace to get faster, and I want my endurance levels to rise. So it was very encouraging to keep my legs going all the way around Lake Harriet. Even with this hill…

TC Valentines Day 5k Hill


If someone could teach me how to photograph a hill to accurately reflect the incline..I would appreciate it. As I was taking the picture, the woman next to me said “Oh yeah, its a $!%&@.” But I kept on running (and yes I ran while taking the picture).

This race is perfect for the couple who makes a New Years Resolution to get healthier. This race is also perfect for a group of friends to do. The race not only has the typical bibs with your race number on them…but also bibs to determine relationship status. The red bibs say “Taken” (and I saw a female runner write (and Bakin’) on the back which I can only assume means that she had a bun in the oven (is pregnant)). They had yellow bibs  with “Its Complicated” which was popular among groups of friends running together. And of course green bibs saying “Single”. (Also check out my top layer shirt, training starts Sunday the 17th!)

TC Valentines Day 5k Single Bib


I debated not wearing a status bib, but ultimately decided that I had to get into the spirit and that it couldn’t hurt anything. However from my observations on the course….this race is a gold mine for MALES. I saw plenty of girls wearing green bibs, but maybe saw 3 males wearing green bibs. There was a post-race party at Coopers Irish Pub in West End, which I did not attend because I was more interested in going to Whole Foods…but I’m thinking that may have been a better chance to meet someone if that was your goal for the race.

What I would change about the race? The starting line up. There were 3 little signs for 8 minute mile, 9 minute mile, and 10 minute mile. However they weren’t spaced out enough and they weren’t noticeable enough. For a race of this size and distance I would have made signs for “Running” “Run/Walk” and “Jog/Walk”. And seriously spaced them out.

Would I do this race again? Yeah! But not on my own, its definitely a race that needs a group of friends to make it enjoyable.

Post-Race TC Valentines Day 5k


It is 1 week until Marathon Training officially starts!!



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