Super What?

I’m not going to lie, I found nothing Super about yesterday. Is it just me? Or…was the game/commercials/halftime boring? Seriously.

The taco bell old people commercial was funny, but I wish they had used the real song.

Beyonce looked good and all, but there was nothing all that spectacular. In my opinion half time shows have all gone down hill after Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson. I’m glad we didn’t have to worry about Beyonce breaking something like we had to with Madonna last year, but still…it was a great performance, but nothing blew my mind.

This morning I watched the Clydesdale commercial, and it was cute, but didn’t bring tears to my eyes or anything. And I don’t really care for dodge vehicles, so I haven’t looked up that commercial.

And really the Superbowl can be nothing about the game and everything about the food, but the recipe I tried  And I did attempt a new recipe, I did Buffalo Cauliflower with Chobani Blue Cheese Dressing. However even that wasn’t outstanding. The cauliflower recipe called for a batter, and I did use it, however they never crisped, so I tossed them with buffalo sauce and plan on roasting them again to get more of a crunch.

If you fell in love with a particular moment of the game, or a commercial please share so I can stop thinking of this as the Super Boring Bowl.



  1. I agree with you…my view about football is it is a sport that feeds off hype. There is all this anticipation and chatter about the up coming game, then your watching the game going really this is it? With that said I am still a fan of the sport, but the game itself disappoints me more than most, but not as bad as basketball!

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