Interesting Insight

Yesterday I had an interesting insight. I was sharing my events of the summer so far and mentioned that I ran the Grandma’s Half Marathon. The person I was sharing with inquired if I had experienced the post-marathon blues. And while I think I fully embraced the post race laziness, I am curious if anyone else has experienced the effects of completing a race and not knowing what to do next?

I quickly discovered a full marathon was not in my plans for this fall. And unless I make some big changes quickly I won’t be participating in a fall half…..although there is still a little time…..The big reason for this post is to share that tomorrow is the 25th Annual Run to the Dump as part of Aitkin’s Riverboat Days.

And I don’t know if I should participate. On one hand, I completed the race last year and despite getting lost on the course and getting a full extra mile for a total of 7.5 miles instead of 6.5. I want to participate but really haven’t full out ran since June 16. And I am well aware that my endurance did not keep up after taking a month and a half off.

So keep following me on the tweet machine @Katie_LF and you’ll get to see if I do compete! The registration is from 6:30 to 7:30 tomorrow morning before the race starts. If you feel so inclined to give me a little push in either direction please let me know!

Oh, and Happy Friday!


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