July 2012 Recap


Here comes August! The beginning of July was so wonderful I didn’t even realize time was passing! I especially enjoyed 4th of July, as well as my Staycation.

#1 (Run a half marathon) Done!!! I completed the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon with a time of 2:33:47! You can read my recap here.

#2 (Learn 12 new recipes) I did a lot of cooking this month! But the only two that made it to the blog were Portobello Pizza and Ranch Oyster Crackers.

#3 (Put my college pictures into photo albums) I need to print the rest of my pictures so I can get a handle on this!

#4 (Create a race scrapbook) I worked on it one afternoon this month! Woohoo!

#5 (Make 12 time or money donations to various charities and/or nonprofits.) Not quite….I’ve got a few plans for this fall though!

#6 (Learn to blog!) Now that I have the Droid Maxx, I’m better able to read my favorite blogs, now I just need to get to a place where I can blog on a regular basis!

#7 (Finish the New Rules of Lifting For Women program.) Oh man, I think this is officially not going to happen.

#8 (Remember to be Thankful.) I love my family, and am so thankful for them.

#9 (Get a better handle on finances.) I’m getting better!

#10 (Get least 10 minutes of fitness each day.) I’m on a 3 days in a row streak and really want to keep the momentum going!

#11 (Do 5 minutes of clean up each day.) I’ve actually done major cleaning sprees a few days this month, now I just need to keep maintaining!

#12 (Take the time to breathe.) I’m working on a few things behind the scenes in my life which are helping me feel a lot more relaxed!


I’m also working on my Summer 2012 goals, which by my rules have to be completed by the first snow fall, so for now I’ll keep ticking along.

Now the unofficial last month of summer is upon us, and I have plans every weekend!


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