Sculpt Apartment Workout

HOLA!! I’m on my second full day of a Mexican getaway (I’ll spare you the photo of the beach, I promise its gorgeous).

The tricky thing about having two jobs is you have to have time off from both jobs in order to be gone! Thankfully when I miss teaching a yoga sculpt class, there isn’t any work to make up!

Unfortunately…when I’m gone, that means my students don’t get their  Friday morning workout. Without further ado…here’s a slice of what yoga sculpt consists of!

Apartment WorkoutIf you only have 15 minutes and want to work your entire body without letting everyone else know what you are up to, this is a great workout!

While I titled it “apartment” it could also be “hotel” or “no weights needed” If you have weights by all means use them! The beauty of this workout is that you can add whatever you like!

…and I just realized I didn’t include a plank, so make sure you plank! Total body move right there!

Adios Amigos!


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