Peace Perspective X: Sing

Happy Sunday! This week’s pin is technically a craft pin before it is a quote pin. However, I think the message is important.

Except those that sang bestJust because you aren’t “the best” at something doesn’t mean you have to avoid it. I’m not “the best” cook, but I can cook. I’m definitely not “the best” blogger but I think put posts up. And while my race times are always in the second half of the pack, I still sign up for races.

Can you imagine spectating a marathon watching only the winner runner? While that may inspire some, I personally enjoy watching people from all walks of life participate in races. It also can fuel my fire..”that girl is not going to beat me. I can kick it up a notch!” is something I’ve said on more than one occasion.

Some whether you are stumbling or succeeding, keep searching for a reason to sing.


  1. Love this! Life would be so boring if we only cared about winning or winners or being the best or who’s the best at something. I personally couldn’t handle that kind of pressure. I too enjoy watching the people who don’t ‘look’ the part of an athlete. They impress me and inspire me 1000x more than the ‘elite’.

  2. Such very true words! I sometimes freak out about not being perfect or the best. Words to think about for me!

    1. I know right?! I scheduled my posts, so I purposely shared this one before sharing my next one about my blog numbers. I’m not the perfect or best blogger, but I enjoy it and do it anyways.

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