Food Friday

I used to do “Fast Fridays” where I would blog real quick on a Friday morning before work. I thought I’d do another one of those, and then realized my last one was in October! I guess I haven’t been doing them as often as I thought! (You can read read the old ones here, here, and here.)

So today let’s just call this “fresh friday” (and all acknowledge that I wrote this on Thursday afternoon while I was locked out of my work computer).

ANYWAYS! Thursday morning I swam, it was my second swim session with my coach, and you can read about my first swim session here! During our first swim session he told me I needed to swim again before we met up (what he really meant, is every week I need to be swimming other than just with him). I said I would swim either Sunday or Tuesday. Monday morning I had a text message asking if I had swam.

Ladies (and are there gentlemen who read my blog?) I have found a good coach. Apparently this is not a buddy who’s going to clap his hands and say nice work. Nope, I’ve got a real coach who’s going to push it. WHICH IS AWESOME!


nutritionI wanted to say….”Cheetos are out, but where are we on larabars?” This sounds like the beginning of a paleo diet, which I really haven’t looked into much.

Also, I’m going on a girls weekend tomorrow morning, so we’re just going to pretend that the ice cream I’ve been dreaming about while shopping is an approved food. Mmmkay?

Happy Friday Friends! If you go out to happy hour and have ketchup or bbq sauce with your app, think of me. hehe!



  1. After doing the Whole30 a few times, I don’t even miss ketchup anymore — but I do have it every once in awhile 🙂 I’ve become a mustard fan! This sounds a bit different than paleo since he’s focusing on lean protein and depends on what his thoughts are on wheat/grains/etc!

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