Swim Session 1

Well folks I survived. My first swim session is in the books and tomorrow I go for my second meetup. I’m very pleased with finding a swim buddy to help me through this process.

swimsess1(This is what I look like at 5:30 am, after getting up at 4:30 to drive to the pool.)

The reason I felt I needed to find someone to help me in the pool is because I didn’t know where to start with a swim workout. And while I can Google, I wasn’t familiar with the swim vocabulary. And even if I knew what they were saying to do, I don’t know the swim technique to know if I’m doing the correct stroke.

Sooo….Here’s a rough outline of what we did!

Warm Up:

(50 yards is going down and back at the pool I’m swimming at)

50 Yards:Right Side, right arm up by your ear, left arm glued to your left side. Kick from the hip, look up at the ceiling, one ear in the water.

50 Yards: Left Side, same thing (but opposite).

50 Yards: Front stroke

50 Yards: Back stroke


50 Yards: “stop stop” RSide, face in the water, stroke, LSide, face in the water, stroke.

50 Yards: “triple switch” (I haven’t really figured this one out, but it seems like a faster version of the “stop stop”.)

50 Yards: fingers in the water. (this helps ensure that you’re leading with your elbows).

50 Yards: kickboard under left hand work on your right stroke.

50 yards: opposite.

From then if you aren’t totally tired, try to see how few strokes you can have going down and back in the pool. Usually I’m wiped at this point so my form is all over the place. I get anywhere from 20-24 strokes per 25 yards. Ideally I want to be down in the 16-18 range…..Hopefully that will come with time!

Does this make sense to you guys? Or do you have other questions?



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