Woah. Hello Friends! Its Friday. Thank GOODNESS! It has been a long stinking week. (I wasn’t lucky enough to get any days off due to everyone’s best friend “polar vortex”)

I’ve got quite a few plans for the weekend. First on the agenda is surviving the rest of the work day. Then I have every intention of going to Wine Night at The Beanery.

Saturday I’ll spend most of the day in the high school gym watching a Dance Competition. My butt and low back are not looking forward to those bleachers, but I have loved helping out where I can this season.

Sunday I am scheduled to teach yoga, but due to my new swim workouts, I’ll also be getting a few laps in before my classes. I will share the workout info on Wednesday…But here’s a sneak peek at a new goal!

YMCA Brainerd Indoor TriathlonWhat do you have planned for the weekend? Did anyone else think this was the longest week ever!?!



  1. Jealous of your wine night, sounds so fun! I’ve been wanting to go on a wine tour for so long, but I guess I’ll have to wait until there isn’t 2 feet of snow on the ground

  2. Wine night sounds perfect after a longggg week. Then again a dance competition sounds like the most amazing thing ever right now. I used to do precision (high kick) dance back when I lived in Brainerd (six years ago) and since I don’t live in a state with that kind of dance anymore it’s been way too long since I’ve seen any kind of high kick dance!! Enjoy!!

    1. Last week was a tough one, Minnesota didn’t have school on Monday because of the bitter cold and even though I’m not in school it still threw my week off! Thankfully this week seems to be better!

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