Pre-Race: Monster Dash Half 2013

Just when I think I get a posting schedule down of Monday – Wednesday – Friday, I switch it up with a Thursday post!

Tomorrow I’ll work in the morning and head down to St. Paul for the Monster Dash Half! You may have noticed I’ve talked about the race, but not the training. Because….I have no training! I’ve been teaching 3 sculpt classes a week, but haven’t managed to fit in a run in a while!

Awkward Selfie Race OutfitHere’s an awkward selfie of what I’m planning on wearing Saturday. On top: nike tank with built in bra. I was debating how many layers to wear, and decided I may as well wear the tank with a built in bra for a little extra warm. I’m wearing a long sleeve nike half zip, my normal old navy capris, and on the bottom, an old pair of leg warmers! Also, I’ll be rocking a blue tutu to match my wonderful friends that convinced me to do this crazy race.

The reason behind the leg warmers is: I was in a sorority in college, and we always had random themed parties, somewhere alone the line I bought blue leg warmers, but haven’t worn them in at least 3 years. So my plan is to use them on my calves or arms whichever is colder in the morning. And if they bother me, I can always drop them.

I also am packing target knit gloves, and need to find my winter headband that I wore in the Valentines Day 5k last year (pictured below).

Post-Race TC Valentines Day 5kIf you can’t tell, I’m nervous about the cold. Given I have zero training…I plan on being on the course for a while. My goals break down like this:

1. Have fun!

2. Finish in 2:45 (close to the Minneapolis Half time)

3. Finish in 2:30 (which would be a PR for me)

Given that I have no other races on the schedule, I would really like to put it all out on the course. I’m hoping to start with the 2:30 pacer, and if they have a 2:15 pacer, I might even start up there, see if I can hang on, and if not drop back to 2:30.

When I completed the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon in 2012 I was coming off a week long work trip, I flew into Duluth on Friday night, and raced Saturday morning. When I completed the Minneapolis Half, I held back and got the miles in for Grandma’s Marathon 2013. During Grandmas I was nervous, I was slow, and looking back, I could have given it a lot more. Its big talk right here: but I’d like to truly race this course, even without the training, to just see what my body is capable of accomplishing.

Do you play it safe during races? Or do you always put it all out on the course? If so, teach me your ways!






  1. I’ll be taking it sort of easy on Sat cause I have another half in 3 weeks. I’ve been trying to figure out my race-day outfit too! Tough to figure out how many layers!

  2. Good Luck!!! I’ll be out cheering!!! I sometimes tell myself that I’ll play it safe, but inevitably my competitive side gets the better of me and I run hard.

  3. Good Luck Katie!! The Monster Dash is awesome for ppl watching. It is such a HUGE event and everyone is decked out in awesome costumes, and the course around Summit with the beautiful old houses is so cool. I plan to run down to the course from my place and cheer you guys on!!

  4. Have fun! I am notorious for going out too fast and then suffering. That is my way of leaving it all out on the course. Even though it isn’t the smartest way to race it still gets me PRs. I’ll work on better race pacing some day. 🙂

  5. AHHH I TOTALLY SAW YOU! We were changing locations and as we were walking away, I looked over my shoulder and thought that I saw you, but wasn’t sure and since I am so behind on blogs, I didn’t know what you were wearing! I should’ve just yelled out anyways 🙂 Anyways — congrats on a great race!

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