Monster Dash Half 2013 Recap #MDMN

Happy Sunday! I drove home this afternoon, and decided to put my race recap up right away!

Just to refresh: I signed up for the Monster Dash Half because my friend Ellie wanted to do her first half marathon, and I wanted to be a part of that fun event instead of watching from the sidelines.

Our supportive friend Kayla ran right by her side the entire time! While I attempted to keep up for the first couple miles, but ultimately my training wasn’t on par with theirs.monsterdashhalfWe started by lining up with the 2:15 pacer. My legs were tight, my breathing was off and I barely got to enjoy the beautiful houses we were running by. Around Mile 4 I felt a tap on my butt! Kayla and Ellie had taken a bathroom break and I had passed them! Unfortunately they breezed right on past me, but just knowing that I had been ahead of them for a short while lifted my spirits. I ran from the start all the way to mile 7 without taking a walking break (other than water stops)!! This is huge for me.

Around mile 7 there was a monster hill, and I decided it was time to take an extra walk break. I stayed strong until mile 9. It felt like the longest mile in the world. We had a head wind, and I was done. I started dreaming of the 10 mile race. We were on the exact same course. I debated if they would give me a medal for the 10 mile if I just slipped into their finishers shoot instead of continuing on the course. But I also wanted to see what my time could be, I was 2 hours in, and if things went well, I would beat my Minneapolis Half time. If things went really well, my chip time might have been able to beat my 2012 Garry Bjorklund Half time as well!

Miles 10-13 were a struggle. I would jog, I would notice runners who had been near me before the start. But my quads were tight, my ankles/Achilles felt very strange, and I knew that I hadn’t trained for this. Once I could finally see the finish line I started to push it. A fit woman in a Pocahontas outfit was in front of me, and I was able to pass her in the final moments before the finish line. And as I crossed, I saw my wonderful friends waiting for me. My breath caught, I wondered if I was going to cry, but ultimately it was a great day! I had some tough moments in the final miles of the race, but with a finish time of 2:36:ish, I am 7 minutes faster than I was in June!! monsterdashfinishYou can barely see the water bottle in my hand, but I held that the entire race, I didn’t finish it, but kept it as a back up in case the water stops were empty…I was nervous with such a large race, but Team Ortho did a great job!

Do you keep up with friends? Or run your own race?



    1. I started with a 5k, the endorphins I feel after finishing a race are what keep bringing me back for more. I think you’d be surprised what you are able to accomplish, but having friends is always fun!

  1. So I didn’t make it out to watch the race but what a great morning to run! Way to stay strong and push the whole way through! I know *exactly* what hill you are talking about around the seventh mile! So tough. A lot of my running friends run a similar pace to mine so I’m lucky that I can stay with them. It is fun to run with other people!

    1. It was so cold at the start, it was very surprising how many people were spectating! I’m glad you know what hill I’m talking about it, it was a killer! I didn’t even look at the elevation, if I were to do this race again I would at least try to train for it!

  2. Great job! Mile 10 on in a half is almost always a struggle for me. Nice job finishing and you PRed! That is stinking exciting. Doing it in a tutu must be fun, too. I saw some women in tutu’s in the race I ran this morning. I don’t run with anyone during a race. That is my time to do my thing. If I didn’t care about the race I would run with a friend but that hasn’t happened yet.

  3. Great job, Katie! I’m really proud of you for knocking those 7 minutes off your time! I’ve been running by myself but last week marked the start of the Riverside Runners Club that I’m doing with some fellow teachers in my building. Our building has a square shape on the inside so we run around that 13 times three days a week. We’re setting a goal to run a 5K in March and I’ll be thinking of you!

  4. Nice job on the half! I never run with other people since I’m a slow runner. I don’t mind though – races always have so much to look at to keep me entertained.

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