Daylight, Save me!

Holy daylight savings! How is everyone doing with the change so far? I must say the weather has been beautiful! However I am generally not good with the time change, since becoming a working girl daylight savings whether “spring forward” or “fall back” has taken me a full week to get used to.

I’ve tried different tactics, between switching my clocks on Friday afternoon when the work day is over, to changing them Sunday evening. This year I didn’t have much choice as Saturday night I was at my parents house, one minute it was 8:45, the next it was 9:45. That made getting into bed easier, and since my brother was excited to have me home, he had no problems making sure I was up at 7 on Sunday morning. Had I been awake enough to realize it was 6 am to my body I may have locked him out of my room, but I was too tired to do the math.

So far this work week has gone well, I’ve been able to fall asleep at night and haven’t over slept in the morning. However, I have been having crazy dreams right before I get up, and my dream from Sunday night actually continued on last night! So I’m about to go off and see if I can finally come to a resolution!

Ankle update: feeling stronger each day! I won’t run on it until Saturday just for good measure. Thank you for all who contacted me with suggestions and sympathies!

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