Run Surprise

Today something rare happened. I had a free day, with no plans, in Aitkin! My parents were out of town and my brother John was at Nancy’s house. The day was full of possibilities. I was hoping for a run, a stop at the local coffee shop, and a stop at the scrapbook store.

A lot has been going on lately, and I haven’t been feeling the best, so once I decided a run was first on the agenda, I decided I needed a new playlist first. After downloading about 10 new songs and adding in a few others I was feeling, it was time to hit the road.

I left my parents house starting with my traditional walk a song, run a song style. Once I was a mile in, I decided that I should step it up and walk a song, run 2 songs. I was considering doing 6 miles and wanted to increase my stamina. I had worn the shoes sitting in my parents closet, which was a mistake. My ankle was hurting by mile 1.5, but I decided to power through it. After another mile I decided to get off the main road, and tour down a dead-end I have never been down before. It was great to see a little neighborhood and enjoy some new scenery, it also happened to be a dirt road which felt a lot better on my feet. I turned around a little after mile 3, and was loving all the endorphins that were kicking in!

The weather was beautiful, warm and sunny and much nicer than typical Minnesota March. I was actually a little warm in my running tights, and thought I maybe should have packed my running capris. And as my thoughts wandered, apparently my feet did too.

All of a sudden I was on the ground. My ankle rolled. It has happened before, but it hasn’t rolled to the point of my falling in a long time. Then I realized I was without my phone, I still haven’t bought a road id band, nor did I have my actual id in my pants pocket, and no one knew where I was. Not smart. And I was about a mile from home.

Before I let myself disintegrate into a ball of emotion and disappointment on the side of the road, I pulled myself up and started walking it out. I finally looked at my Garmin and realized that I had done 4.88 miles in an hour. My half marathon training officially starts in two weeks. And I need to heal!

So I am now spending my evening icing my ankle. The coffee shop and scrapbook store didn’t happen. But there’s time for that another day. Maybe even next weekend. But for now my Saturday night is for recovering.

Don’t feel too bad for me, I’ve got a great couch cuddle buddy.


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