Vacation: Good for the soul, tough on the sleep schedule.

After a long (but fun filled) girls weekend with palm trees and sun, its back to the working world with pine trees and cold. While last week flew by in anticipation of a trip to the sunshine state, this week felt twice as long! And to top it off, I have another fun filled weekend starting tomorrow morning!

Because I got home late Monday night, and had work in the morning, that means I never officially unpacked, or did any of the household chores that accumulate over a week. This can lead to some overwhelming feelings. I am tired from the long weekend of fun, staying up late, sleeping in a strange bed, sleeping in, and eating mainly at restaurants. And with minimal free time during the week I am proud to announce that I got workouts in Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday!

But, after careful consideration, I will not be working out tonight. I need some time to decompress and slowly clean up the house, as well as pack for my next adventure! That being said, I will be getting up and getting a run in tomorrow morning before heading down to the cities for a day of shopping and who knows what else! The key is knowing what you need, and knowing how to prioritize it. I know I need some good sleep, I know I need to get a workout in, and I know I need some clean clothes next week. So on to the laundry! And then onto the fun!

Have a great weekend!


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