How Do You Do That: Email Organization

Are you constantly loosing things in your email? Or having people say, “Didn’t you see that? I emailed it to you last week!” I try my best not to be guilty of this. And everyone has their own ways of staying organized. Yesterday I read another bloggers ideas, which involve automatically sending things to folders, some which you reply in a week, some you reply in a 48 hours, it confused me, but feel free to get her idea’s here.

My way of organization? Different email accounts. I am currently rocking 5 email accounts. Yes, 5. They all serve different purposes and allow me to stay more focus on whatever task I have in front of me.

#1 The work email. It serves my paying job and that is it. No cute forwards, I don’t share it with anyone, it is for work. If I meet someone through work that wants to talk about running, they get a different email address.

#2 The online email. Everything you sign up for asks for an email address, every company sends discounts, and sometimes I want to see what deals are available. However I know that this email address doens’t have any important, so if I’m busy I know there won’t be anything too demanding in there.

#3 The blog email. When I started this blog I also opened a new email address. If you ever have questions about something I’m posting about, but don’t want to leave a comment, feel free to email katielookingforward “at” gmail “dot” com (this is so computers can’t send me spam, you should be able to figure out the actual address). I do have a few websites set up to email me to the blog address because I think their philosophies align with what I want to blog about.

#4 The personal email. This is the email address I used when I was applying for jobs, this is what I give friends and family members.

#5 The project email. As I mentioned in my last post, I’m working helping a business with social media, therefore I created a separate email address for all social media things for that company. That way if our agreement ends, they can take control of the email and keep all the information I accumulated for them.

Now, this sounds straight forward, but occasionally things get sent to the wrong place. All I do is forward the email to the correct address and deal with it when I have time.

The most important thing about keeping an organized email is to…..DELETE! If you don’t need something, delete it. If you think something is cool but have no idea what to do with it, don’t let it sit in your inbox, instead put it in a folder called “ideas” and when you need an idea, look through the folder. Have a folder for “receipts” when you need to remember that you purchased something, it will be sitting in there (I also keep confirmation emails in there).

Setting up the organization can take sometime. I would carve out half an hour to start with. And don’t set up too many folders. Start with a few and add as necessary. For example, I started with a “recipe” folder and quickly learned that wouldn’t work…Now I have it split into “recipe:appetizer”, “recipe: meal” and “recipe: dessert” it makes everything much quicker!

How do you stay organized? Do you think I’m crazy? (Don’t worry, I think I’m a little crazy, but it works!)

Edited to Add: 2 days later and I’m realizing there is even more that can be done with email organization! Did you know you can import an old gmail account into a new one? Meaning, for those people who get married and change their last name, they could get a new gmail with their new last name and not lose their old emails! Check it out here.

The other great tip I found was Its a free site where you can either set a timer (count down) or set a stopwatch (count up). The blog post I found out about this tool can be found here.


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